Couple Stands Absolutely Still. But When She Steps Forward? The Crowd GASPS!

Valeriy and Yulia, a couple who performs as dancers and acrobats, recently performed their act called “Hand to Hand,” and they stunned the audience.

Many referred to the performance as an accurate portrayal of both masculine and feminine grace and athleticism.

People loved the balance between male and female strength. Valeriy and Yulia use their acrobatic stunts to make the audience realize that the human body is capable of amazing things.

The couple’s routine is accompanied by the song “Heartbeat,” by Nneka, and both dancers make it seem as though they are super humans as they dance around each other and fly through the air.

Yulia is much smaller than her partner, Valeriy, but she uses her size and grace to her advantage. The couple begins by standing incredibly still at the beginning of the song, but at the one-minute mark in a video of their performance, Yulia launches herself into her partner’s arms, and the crowd gasps in awe. The rest of the performance includes many more high flying leaps and mind blowing stunts, which are obviously the focal point of the performance.

One particular YouTube user commented on the video, and he noted that he could not even think of any words to use to describe the performance. He said that he was amazed throughout the entire dance, and he was left wondering how the couple pulled off a lot of those intense lifts.

He also commended the dancers for an incredible performance, which he described as phenomenal.

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