Broken Fox Injured On Side Of Road, Inches From Death. His Transformation Back To Life…WOW

A bleeding fox on the verge of death curled on the side of a road is not a scene someone encounters very frequently, but sometimes the unexpected strikes down the monotony of our lives. This is exactly what happened to Jennifer.

The barely-breathing fox, was suffering. That was obvious. A number of injuries including head trauma, and broken bones. Jennifer rushed the creature to Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary. Once there, the fox was treated by Dr. Sherri Cox of the National Wildlife Center of Canada, who began an IV drip and treated the other injuries. They named the fox Tammy and gave her Canadian citizenship. Such a welcoming people, the Canucks.

Recently, Tammy has begun returning to health, and her former self receiving regular feedings and being allowed to roam freely within a protected environment. Of course, it wasn’t long before a man came into the picture, as is always the case with foxy ladies. Todd, who was also brought there after being hit by a moving car seemed a perfect match. Whats better for couples to bond over than brutal hit-and-run accidents that almost killed you? The two foxes spend their days playing with each other, and they truly seem to enjoy how much they aren’t getting hit by cars anymore.

A video of the transformation Tammy made was produced, illustrated b a collage of still photographs and video footage of how things transpired. It was posted online on August 28 and in just over two weeks had been viewed more than 365,000 times. The hope of the sanctuary is that after looking at the footage, the viewer will be compelled to donate to the organization.

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