Attorney General Who Trump Bribed Just Got A White House Job

Attorney General Who Trump Bribed Just Got A White House Job

President-Elect Donald Trump has doubled down on his corruption antics with attorney Pam Bondi. The current Florida Attorney General will receive a position in Trump’s administration. Inside sources have confirmed her nomination but not her forthcoming title.

Bondi received media attention this summer after Trump secured the Republican Party’s nomination. In 2013, Bondi accepted a $25,000 donation from Donald Trump days after her office announced plans to investigate Trump University. She quickly dropped the pending suit.

Even worse, that payment was delivered by the Donald J. Trump Foundation. Philanthropic organizations don’t normally give tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations. Then again, they don’t normally pay for giant paintings of their founders, either.

The IRS wasn’t happy with Trump’s donation. They charged him a 10% fine for his obvious violation of campaign finance laws. Trump also reimbursed his foundation for the $25,000 it spent on his behalf.

President-Elect Trump settled another lawsuit relating to Trump University in 2016, paying $25 million to make his problems go away. This is despite his earlier statements that he “never settles” because “only guilty people” settle lawsuits.

Some sources have reported the Trump is having trouble finding people staff his administration. He was allegedly surprised to learn how many staff would be leaving the White House after President Obama’s administration. The National Security Council is apparently struggling to hang onto talent who are quickly jumping overboard.

Perhaps Trump had no choice but to appoint a controversial figure like Bondi. It’s equally likely that he simply doesn’t care about the potential issues her appointment might call. Since winning the election, he’s picked fights with Governor Schwarzenegger, sent New Year’s wishes to his “enemies” and called the CIA liars. President-Elect Trump clearly has no interest in being presidential.

A popular theory about Trump’s behavior is that he’s actively trying to get impeached. With reports that he wants to fly home every weekend to be with his family in New York City, it seems he may not be ready to shoulder the mantle of responsibility that comes with the president. Bondi’s appointment may just be another part of his plan to pass the presidency to Pence.

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