‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Crushes ‘American Ninja Warrior’

Oliver Queen knows a bit about survival after being trapped on an island for several years. During the years on the island, he had one goal in mind: making it through the American Ninja Warrior. On May 25th, Stephen Amell of the TV show Arrow will finally get a chance to realize this dream as NBC hosts a special “Red Nose Day” competition series of American Ninja Warrior. This edition will feature celebrity contestants, such as comedian Nikki Glaser, the broadcast journalist Natalie Morale, now retired MLB star Nick Swisher, and many others will be facing off for an opportunity to climb Mount Midoriyama.

Although the full episode will not be premiering until May 25th, a sneak peek has been released by NBC showcasing Stephen Amell’s outstanding performances. Amell makes many of the moves look like child’s play after his years acting in the DC comic series Arrow have required the implementation of many of the exercises needed to be successful in the American Ninja Warrior. While Amell doing the salmon ladder looks like a piece of cake, there is no doubt that his muscles have to be screaming.

In order to prepare for this 2017 special episode, celebrity competitors have teamed up with a previous American Ninja Warrior competitor to be properly coached and prepared for the show. Kacy Catanzaro, a New Jersey native and the owner of the title of the first woman to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior in Season 6 was assigned to coach Ammel, and also accompanied him through his trial.

Competing on the American Ninja Warrior has been a goal of Amell’s for some time now. He took to Twitter with a picture during his trial taken during filming, and fans are looking forward to seeing if Amell is a superhero in real life in addition to his role as Arrow. Check out this special episode on May 25th yourself to see how he and others face up to the challenge.

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