Age Old Drug Has Hilarious Side Effects – And It’s REALLY Good For You!

Nature RX has recently come out with a new commercial that can only be described as hilarious. It demonstrates the importance of getting outside and enjoying nature mimicking prescription drug commercials. In the commercial, the actor says:

“If you find yourself feeling tired, then you should spend some time in nature.”

Nature, the commercial explains, is designed to alleviate the crippling symptoms of modern day life. Nature comes highly recommended for people of all ages, and it is great for pets too. Additionally, the getting outside has been proven to reduce work-induced catatonia.

The commercial also lists some funny side effects that can be derivative of getting out into nature. It states that nature may cause you to quit your job, and that nature may cause you to reevaluate what you are doing with your life. It concludes by listing more side effects, such as authenticity, confidence, remembering you have a body and feeling good for no apparent reason.

Though this commercial is meant to be a parody, there is a lot of science behind nature improving one’s health, both mentally and physically. A number of studies have been done to confirm confirm this. Hiking or swimming in a lake is a lot easier said than done, but it is well worth it. Now get off the computer and go get outside! … Or just check out the commercial here. If you’re feeling too lazy for that.

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