A Tied Garbage Bag Floats In The River, And What Is Discovered Inside Will Break Your Heart…

Anybody who’s ever had a dog knows how the animals can bring positivity into life. The bond between a pet and an owner is one of the simplest yet most heartwarming relationships, and a new short film captures this relationship perfectly.

The film tells the story of a dog who was rescued from a horrible near-death experience. He builds up a beautiful relationship with the man who saved him, and they spend many years together. Loving a dog or another pet is a great experience, and losing a dog can be so painful. Almost everyone who has watched the short film has been touched by the story.

At the beginning of the film, you watch as a jogger slows down to look at a moving garbage bag by a river. He approaches the bag and opens it up to find a puppy inside. He gives the puppy a bath and plays with him on the beach. As the puppy grows up, the relationship between the two stays just as loving and playful. Eventually, they welcome two new members into their family when the man gets married and has a daughter.

The dog is there to support the family for many years. When the daughter falls off her bike, he’s the first one there to see if she’s okay. He goes on long walks with his owner and loves running and playing. As time passes, the dog grows older and becomes sick. Throughout the film, words flash across the screen that represent what the dog would say if he could talk. When his owner takes him to the vet, the screen says, “I’d really love to tell you, thanks for everything. I had a wonderful time.”

The film is only about seven minutes long, but it captures the dog’s entire lifetime, and it beautifully depicts the impact a dog can have on someone. Even if they can’t communicate with words, the love, support, and happiness they bring their owners is clear for anyone to see.

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