Why Are There Pie Tins Under These Table Legs? The Reason Is Actually GENIUS!

Household Hacker is a clever Youtube channel that provides tips for solving common household solutions with cheap, everyday items. At first, it might seem bizarre to put an aluminum pie tin under each leg of a picnic table, but it turns out that this is actually an extremely beneficial hack. The new video showing the pie tin picnic table trick is a video about good methods of dealing with pesky little ants.

The pie tin table trick is ideal for keeping ants from ruining a picnic. Almost everyone has experienced just how frustrating it is to plan a beautiful picnic only for it to be overwhelmed with ants. However, when you put a pie tin under each leg and fill the tin with water, it acts as a moat. Any ants that try to climb up the table with drown in the water before they can alert the rest of their ants in the hive to swarm the table for food. This way, you can enjoy your picnic without having to worry about ants appearing.

Other useful tips in this video teach you how to get rid of ants that invade your house. Instead of paying a pricey exterminator to get rid of your ant infestation, this video will teach you how to deal with them yourself. For example, you can make an ant trap by mixing sugar and borax, which baits ants and then kills them. Ant nests can also be killed with natural methods like hot water, so you are not drenching your house in harmful chemicals.

In addition to teaching you how to get rid of ants, the video helps with prevention. You can avoid ants by rinsing food packages and cans before you throw them away, since ants are attracted to even the smallest amount of sugar. Once all of the ants in your house are gone, the video will show how to track ants back to their original nest, so you do not end up with a new infestation in just a week or two.

Not only are these tips budget friendly, but they are also effective. After watching this video, you can get rid of ants once and for all, and since ant bites can be very painful, this is extremely important. Check the video out to learn all of the clever ways to get rid of ants without having to call in the exterminator.

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