While In The Middle Of Changing His Son’s Diaper, This Happens. And Mom Captured It All On Tape

Although parenting can be an extremely fulfilling and rewarding thing, it can also sometimes be pretty icky. One tattooed father learned that the hard way while he was changing his youngster’s diaper. While many mothers are more than used to dealing with the yucky aspects of parenting, many fathers are less familiar with that side of things.

As soon as the dad opens up the baby’s diaper and sees what’s waiting for him in there, he starts coughing furiously and gagging, with his eyes appearing to water. It looks like he just can’t take what he’s seeing and smelling. He even weakly mutters “dirty girl.”

The father’s gagging and coughing is practically incessant while he does his diaper duty. It even seems at one point that he might just throw up due to his disgust by the whole thing. The video clip definitely makes it seems like this father hasn’t had a whole lot of experience changing baby diapers.

When he presents his daughter with her brand new diaper, he declares it as being a “new nappy.” Since everything is all clean by this time, his tone gets a little stronger and it seems like he’ll indeed survive this diaper changing fiasco. He then comically tells his baby daughter to try to keep her diaper clean until her mother returns home to take care of everything. Since the mother surely has more experience handling diaper responsibilities in this household, she’ll likely not flinch in the event of yet another major diaper mess.

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