When The Lights Went Out I Thought It Was A Problem, Then This Happened And I’m Blown Away!

America’s Got Talent has showcased some truly amazing performances over the years. Fans of the show feel like they’ve seen it all, but every season someone comes along and blows the judges away. Some of the most memorable include a 14 year old boy who was a dancer…but the amazing part? He was blind. Another memorable audition was the 96 year old woman who auditioned with a stellar dance routine. This most recent amazing audition blows both of these out of the water.

A dance duo by the name of “Freckled Sky” absolutely amazed the judges with their dance performance. It amazed Howard Stern so much that he gave the group the famous golden buzzer that sends the act straight to the live show.

The performance starts with the stage going dark, and what follows blew the audience away. Val, the director of the performance, used a falling stream of water as a projection screen. On the screen were graphics that told the story of the two performers. A mere explanation doesn’t do this video justice. It’s located on America’s Got Talent’s YouTube page, and is a must-see for fans of truly spectacular performances.

The duo is made up of 28 year old Jalen and 20 year old Olga, and Val is the mastermind. The audition ends with the group celebrating their success on stage as the golden streamers fall down upon them. It was a touching moment, as well as an exciting tease of what’s to come from this dynamic dance duo.

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