When She Tells Her Dad Not To Do THIS, I Die. Then I Found Out She Was Only 4. HA!

The truthfulness of young children can be extremely refreshing. It can also be wildly funny at times. A brief video clip depicts an adorable 4 year old girl named JoJo speaking with her father about the seriousness of her upcoming role as a flower girl at a relative’s wedding. She clarifies to her father that she’s in no way a princess.

When conversing with her dad, wee JoJo makes it abundantly clear that she wants him to respect her wishes during the wedding. She indicates that she wants him to understand that her flower girl responsibilities are critical and that he shouldn’t do anything at all to jeopardize her big job. She instructs him, for example, not to speak to her or even say her name while she strolls down the aisle.

Poor JoJo obviously wants her flower girl job to go off without a hitch. All she wants from her confused dad is a promise that he won’t do anything to make her look bad while she’s in front of the many wedding guests who will be in attendance. It seems that JoJo, at just four years in age, is already 100 percent aware of parents’ tendencies to make their children feel awkward and annoyed. This cute little girl is definitely wise beyond her years, to say the least.

Since JoJo tells it like it is about the obligations of a flower girl, her dad will probably listen to her and refrain from making her feel too mortified during the wedding. People could all learn from JoJo how to be straightforward and assertive about what it is they want and don’t want. The world could perhaps become a better place if that happened. Either way, JoJo is one sweet and wonderful youngster.

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