When She Spots A Horse Lying In Her Backyard She Didn’t Expect A Circus To Show Up…

What is your view of your backyard? Maybe you like to stand behind the kitchen sink and watch birds gather at the bird feeder or your dog frolic through the grass.

One thing most of us don’t expect to find when we look outside is a horse. But that’s exactly what happened to one woman when she glanced through her window and discovered a massive brown horse lying on its side in her yard!

Although that’s strange enough to warrant a social media blast, the situation was about to get weirder when she discovered that the horse had company – a dog and the man who owned both animals! The 20-second video captures all three companions rolling around together in the dirt, shaking themselves loose in the sunshine.

It’s certainly a strange occurrence, but it does bring a smile to our faces to witness such an innocent, lighthearted moment between such three vastly different creatures. It also inspires us to get outside with our own furry friends and frolic in the sunshine! The video has circulated across the Internet over time and whether or not you’ve seen it before, it’s a nice reminder that sometimes you just need to be with your friends and shake loose all the bad feelings!

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