What This Baby Stray Cat Does Once He Walks Up To THIS Stranger Is The CUTEST Thing Ever…

Mitsuaki Iwago is a photographer with a particular fondness for cats. He has photographed all sorts of animals, but he always comes back to cats, particularly stray ones. He especially enjoys how they are affected by where they live. Stray cats mimic the behaviors of the people in a location, and they choose living spaces based on the routines of their human neighbors.

Iwago observed these adaptive techniques firsthand when an adorable kitten approached him during a recent photography session. The little orange cat instinctively knew that Iwago was trustworthy and proceeded to climb all over him while he sat on the ground, taking pictures and barely moving the whole time.

The kitten felt so comfortable with Iwago that, at one point, it cuddled up in his lap and fell asleep. It then proceeded to crawl up his back and perch itself right on top of his head for the duration of the photo shoot.

While this was going on, Iwago completely maintained his composure and continued to take pictures of the other cats that were running around in the street. He turned himself into a part of the scenery so that he could capture realistic images of stray cats in their natural habitat.

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