What She Says To Her Boyfriend Just Moments After Waking Up From Surgery Has Me On The Floor

There are some people who wake up after surgery and don’t realize what they say to those who are in the recovery room. The medication wears off, and statements are made that are sometimes funny. One woman had her wisdom teeth removed. It was a minor procedure, but while she was in recovery, she started telling her boyfriend things that would make anyone laugh.

After a surgical procedure, most people are glad that it’s over. She has a complaint for her boyfriend. She keeps wiping her mouth and notices that there is blood on the tissue.

She tells her boyfriend that she wanted to look like Nicki Minaj when she woke up, and the fact that she doesn’t look like the singer is upsetting. The woman really thought that she would be her after surgery, or at least look like her. Her boyfriend tells her that she is still pretty, but she doesn’t think that she is as she wants to be as pretty as Nicki.

She didn’t realize that she was getting her wisdom teeth out after she woke up from surgery. She begins messing with something on the chair, and her boyfriend tells her to stop. She tells him that he doesn’t know anything. She also wants to be friends with Ellen DeGeneres.

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