What Happens When Stevie Wonder Drives James Corden To Work? Surpriningly, Tears…

Anybody who’s anybody who know’s James Corden is probably from the UK. When Corden made the switch to late-night comedy in the United States in March 2015 with, “The Late Late Show” many wondered if he would be able to make it work…

When CBS released the press release announcing the new host in 2014, they highlighted Corden’s numerous (and hilarious) career triumphs – including his starring role in the Broadway performance of “One Man, Two Guvnors,” earining him a Tony award.

In order to make the transition from Broadway hits to comedy late-night a success, Corden began developing segments that become popular with the late-night crowd. One of these skits, “Carpool Karaoke,” features Corden riding to work in carpools with famous singers.

On Sept. 14, he featured the legendary singer, Stevie Wonder, in this segment. Wonder, who is 65 years old, sang his hit, “Superstition” while riding with Corden. The video of Wonder and Corden’s ride has gone viral.

It has received over seven million hits after being uploaded Sept. 15 to “The Late Late Show With James Corden” YouTube channel.

The segment displays a reactive chemistry between Corden and Wonder. The segment begins with Wonder driving the car. Wonder, who is in fact blind  starts teasing Corden in a mock British accent. Corden tries snatching the wheel, and the two break out into song.

Corden admitted candidly that he didn’t know if his wife would believe he was actually chillin’ with Wonder. So he called his wife, Julia. When Julia picks up the phone, the duo starts singing, “I Just Called to say I Love You,” substituting Corden’s name in the lyrics.

American late-night comedy can be a tough business. But with popular segments like this, “The Late Late Show With James Corden” is well on its way to embedding itself into American culture.

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