What Happens When 2 Foxes Face Off On A Trampoline? Exactly What You Would Expect…

If you live close to the woods, then you never know what you may find in your backyard. For example, a wild animal may come in our yard and eat our garbage. Wild animals may also eat our plants. They may even mess with our possessions.

Animals will play with anything that they can find. One woman in Colorado got a surprise when she found two foxes on her trampoline.The foxes were playfully biting each other on the trampoline at first. They continued playing until one of the foxes realized that the surface was bouncy.

He jumps one time and decides that he likes it. He continues to jump several times while the other fox looks at him. He looks like he is having a lot of fun. The other fox does not seem interested in jumping on the trampoline.

The fox eventually gets tired of jumping and gets off of the trampoline. The other fox follows him. The woman was amazed by the foxes, and she decided to record them and post the video on YouTube. The video has received over 26 million views. This video proves that humans are not the only ones who enjoying jumping on the trampoline.

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