What, Exactly Is Trump Hiding?

What, Exactly Is Trump Hiding?

Although he’s only been in office for less than 100 days, it has become very apparent that Donald Trump is trying control the media narrative. Whenever he seems to be portrayed in a less than favorable light, the former reality star lashes out on Twitter or creates a distraction to take attention away from whatever seems to be ailing him at the moment. The question is…what is he really trying to conceal?

Reporters like Hedrick Smith have been circling the wagon and trying to determine what Trump is desperately trying to conceal. As a correspondent who’s worked through multiple presidential administrations, Smith points out that Trump is not alone in attempting to conceal details. After all, even some of the most popular past presidents have been accused of the same. JFK and Obama both tangled with the press at times.

However, Smith seems to believe that Trump is alone in his overzealous need to hide something. After all, the veteran reporter points out, if Trump were innocent of colluding with Russia, wouldn’t he be eager to clear the air and make sure that everyone knew?

Among other incidents, Smith points out Trump’s reticence to tackle the Russia/Ukraine crisis, as well as some other thorny situations. In the end, Smith concludes that although he doesn’t know exactly what is going on, he is certain that the press corps will be successful in their efforts to get to the bottom of these secrets. After all, more popular and intelligent presidents than Trump have fallen because of much less.

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