What A Hospital Caught On Security Camera As A Girl Is Dying Is Beyond My Comprehension

Colleen Banton was a parent in a very scary and uncertain situation. When the anxious mother brought her precious daughter to the local hospital, she was well aware of the fact that she was very likely going to lose her for good. Chelsea was a 14 year old girl who had endured many health issues throughout her young life, after all. The teenager abruptly got severe pneumonia, and her doctors didn’t seem at all optimistic about her getting over it. That was unsurprisingly highly upsetting to Colleen.

As Chelsea was resting in her hospital room, her older sister took it upon herself to get a photograph with her. The sister believed that it would be her last opportunity to ever do so. Chelsea slowly entered into a slumber and her entire family, while crying, bid farewell to her. Right after they did that, however, the most unusual thing occurred. Doctors don’t even understand it. Chelsea’s condition seemingly out of nowhere started to improve. The girl awakened and then immediately started asking people if they knew where her mother was. The amazement didn’t end there, either. A worker at the hospital was checking out security footage when he witnessed a rather unusual thing. He then decided to let Colleen view the tapes. That was exactly when she realized that it was an angel that was captured on the footage.

Chelsea recovered 100 percent, much to the immeasurable delight of Colleen and the rest of the family. While the girl continues to have some health troubles, everyone who knew her was absolutely dazzled by her shocking and quick recovery. Medical research indicates that the teen should have had limited time, but that simply wasn’t the situation for her at all. It all makes sense now, however. If you discover that there was an angel waiting by your hospital room door, then your seemingly miraculous recovery no longer is really a mystery.

It goes without saying that Chelsea’s recovery is an amazing thing that people don’t really get to see on a daily basis. Her family members and friends surely can’t believe their good fortune. If you have a strong belief in the power of angels, however, you’re probably not at all shocked by the situation. Could anything on earth be more powerful and incredible than angels, anyway? Here’s to hoping that young Chelsea has a long life of glowing health and happiness ahead of her. Although pneumonia was an unpleasant obstacle she has to deal with for a while, she got past it successfully and is now working toward moving forward in life. Chelsea’s story is an inspiring and motivating one for everyone who knows that there truly are angels out there. What a brave young girl she is.

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