Weeks-Old Kitten Found Frozen In The Snow – But It Gets One Last Shot to Live…

Winter in the frozen depths of the state of Utah is no laughing matter for even the bravest and hardiest soul, much less a kitten with only a few weeks of life under its belt. But the Grim Reaper saw his best laid plans foiled in spectacular fashion during this past November, as a minor miracle proceeded to unfold, deep in the heart of his own backyard.

A sweet Thanksgiving miracle has occurred in the community of Bear Lake, Utah. On November 26, several members of the Bingham family took a pleasant stroll outside in order to enjoy a morning full of festive frolic. A fresh new blanket of snow, a foot deep in some places, lay over the ground, and it seemed as though a day of snow ball fights and snow man building was in order. However, as Branden Bingham walked about, merrily capturing cell phone images of his children cavorting about, he noticed something was very wrong. His older son was pointing frantically at a tiny, lifeless form that was half buried in a large pile of snow drift. As it turned out, it was a kitten, perhaps a few weeks old.

The kitten was nearly, but not quite completely, frozen solid. A sudden burst of inspiration struck Mr. Bingham, and he ordered the poor creature to be brought inside the house. Bingham’s brother, Justin, who had accompanied the family on their holiday sojourn, was the recipient of several hours’ worth of veterinary training classes at the nearby Brigham Young University. Like a good Samaritan of ancient times, Justin proceeded to perform a course of life saving CPR upon the tiny kitten by pumping his thumb up and down on his little chest. He kept up this noble regimen for nearly an hour before finally throwing in the towel, convinced that his efforts had sadly been too little, too late. However, it would seem that Divine Providence had other plans in mind for the hapless creature.

Disconsolate at the seeming failure of their efforts to kick start the heart of the tiny kitten, the family went back outside in the snow in an effort to regain their spirits. An hour or so passed, after which they ventured back inside their dwelling in order to enjoy a warm meal and cup of coffee. It was then that they became instantly aware that a minor holiday miracle had indeed come to pass. The tiny kitten was awake, alert, and breathing, all on his own. The timely course of CPR had succeeded after all.

The family immediately welcomed the young fellow back from the brink of the abyss, giving him the very appropriate name of Lazarus, after the man whom Jesus had raised from the dead. For his trouble, the kitten was rewarded with a heaping plate of salmon. He has since been adopted by one of Brandon’s cousins, and is reported to be thriving in his new home.

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