Webster’s Dictionary Trolls Trump like a It’s Their Job

Webster’s Dictionary Trolls Trump like a It’s Their Job

A few days ago on Twitter, the Merriam-Webster account had a field day with Trump’s numerous misspellings of the word “hereby”. With genius wordplay, the Webster account made hilarious mockery of Donald Trump and his difficulty with words.

In a furious tweet complaining about Democratic leadership, Trump accidentally spelled “hear by” rather than the correct version, “hereby”. Following his incorrect tweet, he attempted yet another spelling of the word and somehow manages to screw it up a second time by writing it as “hearby”. On his third attempt, he finally got the spelling correct.

Within a few hours, the Merriam-Webster account had already crafted a hilarious response stating “Here. Bye” with a link to the definition of hereby.

This encounter is not the first time Merriam-Webster’s account has enjoyed calling out Trump’s spelling errors. Throughout Trump’s presidential campaign, they often attempted to decipher his misspelled words. Some of their favorite misspellings included “honer” and “chocker”. For his use of the mystery term “leightweight”, Merriam-Webster countered, “We have no idea”.

The account also posted a definition of feminism (the idea that men and women should have equal opportunities and rights) in response to Kellyanne Conway’s (a well-known Trump aide) description of the word as “very anti-male” and “very pro-abortion”.

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