Weather Channel Roasts Donald Trump After Disastrous Climate Decision

Weather Channel Roasts Donald Trump After Disastrous Climate Decision

The United States is pulling away from the Paris Climate Agreement according to an announcement made by President Trump on June 1, 2017. There has been criticism about the decision as well as support offered to President Trump. The Weather Channel doesn’t necessarily believe that it’s the best decision for the country or even the rest of the world and that the decision could lead to significant impacts.

Many of the impacts by taking the United States out of the agreement will be environmental while some could be financial. The home page of The Weather Channel has been changed ever so slightly in order to roast the man who made this unclever decision. There is a statement on the home page about the withdrawal.

There are also links to the announcement that take people to a clear message about the actions of President Trump. Viewers can watch as the announcement is made and click on links that give ideas about how the world could change. There are pictures that offer proof of what not paying attention to the climate has done to everything from water sources to wildlife.

Examples include devastation to the lobster population in Maine and the killing of forests in New Jersey. General Electric and other companies also joined The Weather Channel in trying to get a point across that pulling out of the agreement might not be the best decision for the planet.

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