We Saw A Seal Charge Towards Our Dog And We Panicked. Then THIS Happens And We All Smiled!

Animals are so full of love! It’s amazing to watch such open displays of emotion when animals get involved. Watch how this seal openly expressions an excited love for dogs that could rival coming home after a long day at work to see your furry friend. At some point in this video, I was wondering how the dog felt about this seal getting so frisky! Perhaps the seal loves dogs as much as many humans do.

The dog is calmly lying on the sand and minding his own business when this overzealous seal slides and tumbles over to give it a hug. Embracing the yellow dog, the seal then begins to affectionately wrap its flippers around the inactive canine while almost kissing the dog from end to end with its snout.

Somewhere in the silent language of the seal’s head, I can hear, “It’s a dog! Oh, I love dogs!!”

Unsure whether the human petting it the entire time deserves recognition, the seal comes to the conclusion that the dog alone deserves all its love and attention as it embraces it more closely.

I love how the dog responds to the entire event as if it’s just another day relaxing on the beach.

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