We Love When Trump Gets Embarrassed. The End Is Near. He Gets Booed Twice In 24 Hours

Donald Trump was booed by a group of Hispanics and conservatives at a recent event. He was also booed by people who gathered in front of Trump Tower in New York City. The crowd started booing as soon as they saw Donald Trump come out. There were a few cheers from the crowd, but there were far more boos.

The people were gathering in front of Trump Tower to see Pope Francis. The vast majority of the people in the crowd were Hispanic. When Trump saw that the crowd did not want to see him, he went back inside of the building.

A couple of hours later he tried to appeal to the crowd again. The crowd booed again. They even started to chant “feo”, which is ugly in Spanish. The reason that the crowd had such a disdain for Donald Trump is because of comments he made about immigration.

Trump tried a final time to appeal to the crowd. He stated that he won the Republican debate. One person in the crowd shouted, “No You didn’t.” Marco Rubio talked negatively about Trump on a Kentucky Radio Show. He stated that Trump is not well-informed on the issues going on in America today. He also stated that Trump is insecure.

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