WATCH: London Cops Show How To Stop A Violent Attack WIHOUT Shooting Anyone!

Police brutality is a growing problem in America. There have been many instances where the police could have handled the situation in a less violent manner. There is a viral video that shows how police officers in London managed to handle a violent attack without pulling a trigger. Officers had attempted to take two men into custody. They were surrounded by a group of men and a brawl started.

One of the officers was thrown to the ground during an attack. The officers called for help and managed to stop the fight by using a chemical irritant. Viewers were impressed with how well the officers were able to handle the situation.

One person stated that they were glad the officers handled the situation the way that they handled it because one of the men could have died. Another person noted that the police officers gave the men a verbal warning before using the chemical irritant.

Many people believe that police officers in America need to be better-trained. Officers are sometimes too quick to pull out a gun when the situation could have been handled in better ways. Far too many unarmed and innocent people have died at the hands of the police.

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