WATCH: Here’s What Was Just Drawn On Trump’s Hollywood Star That’s Causing Outrage

Donald Trump continues to make headlines, friends and enemies as he moves forward with his bid to become the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. Trump has become well known for running a campaign that is largely based around playing to the fears, irrational hatreds and ignorance of a certain class of people in the country who do not want a more diverse United States. His supporters are fervent despite being unable to name any specific policy plans of the candidate. His opponents are equally determined to see that Trump does not get the nomination in 2016.

This is why it was no surprise someone vandalized a public symbol of the billionaire in California. Donald Trump previously received a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. These stars are imbedded in the concrete sidewalk. They are given out to actors, celebrities and other prominent figures in recognition of achievements or fame. Trump was given a star in 2007 largely because of the success of his reality television show “The Apprentice” at the time. The show has since dropped in the ratings and might not survive much longer. Someone has defaced Trump’s star by spray-painting a swastika over it. This is not the first time someone has vandalized the star.

Someone also painted a large X over it back in September of 2015 during the height of his campaign. Although vandalizing public property is wrong, it is clear that there are people who are incredibly upset by the things Trump says and stands for. He opened his campaign with attacks against Mexicans and the entire country of Mexico in some regards. He has threatened to force Mexico to pay for a massive wall along the border. Trump has declared that he would ban all Muslims from entering the country. He said he would close all mosques in the United States at one point and then walked the statement back. He now wants to wiretap mosques.

Trump has used controversial language when speaking about African-Americans often saying “the blacks” as if it everyone had the same opinion. He has openly used misogynistic language to degrade, insult and trivialize women. This even happened recently when Trump started attacking Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly by referencing her menstrual cycle and tweeting out pictures of her appearance in a magazine some time ago. He has called her a “bimbo” on more than one occasion. Trump’s statements and actions could easily make some people in the country upset. The vandalism came just days before the Iowa caucuses.

Trump did not fare as well as he thought in the caucuses and ended up coming in second place behind Senator Ted Cruz. His supporters were upset although the establishment of the Republican Party breathed a sigh of relief. Even Trump’s fellow Republicans dislike him, his past and his rhetoric to some degree. Republicans have been notorious for not attracting minority and single women voters in significant numbers. Trump is not helping by regularly insulting those groups and using inflammatory language almost every day. It is clear that Donald Trump does still have a strong base of supporters. This was evidenced by the tears shown after his loss in Iowa.

Unfortunately, some of Trump’s supporters happen to be neo-Nazis and white Christian nationalists. Those people are likely to be campaigning hard to see Trump get into office. Those people are also leaving some journalists wondering whether the swastika was really intended as an insult message to Trump. There is some small possibility the swastika was put on the star as a symbol of respect, recognition or rebellion by his racist supporters in the area.

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