WATCH: After Surgery This Man Wakes Up And FEELS The Drugs – What He’s Caught Doing? LOL!

Anesthesia is drug, commonly used amongst the medical community to sedate someone throughout surgery. But if you’ve ever gone under the knife (or if you’re just a an earnest drug enthusiast) you’ll know, its aftereffects can be something of a trip.

Some patients need to be sedated for hours on end because of hard-to-reach nerves. Dentists commonly employ anesthesia for oral surgeries like wisdom tooth extraction. While it is an highly ordinary procedure, it can also be very painful. But, fear not good people! We have drugs for that…

This man, wakes up from his wisdom tooth surgery and his wife is waiting nearby with a camera. While commonly understood as “dangerous” to film someone so very full of drugs, because anesthesia is a strong sedative you can get away with sticking your cameras in their faces. When he wakes up, his reaction has his wife laughing to the point of tears.

Check out the video. Share your anesthesia stories! This guy is having fun with it … for now. So if you have some kind of surgery scheduled and it’s making you nervous – relax! You get to follow your doctor/dentist down the anesthetic rabbit hole … And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next post-surgery-internet-comedy-sensation!

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