VIDEO: You Won’t Believe What Happened On A Flight When A Baby Started Crying

The latest in a series of incidents involving passengers on air flights in China has seen three women begin a fight during a flight over a crying baby one was comforting. The latest incident comes after a series of incidents that have seen officials from a number of airlines appeal to passengers to stay calm and follow aviation laws whilst flying.

Other incidents have included a female passenger throwing hot soup over a member of a cabin crew after learning she would not be seated beside her boyfriend, two incidents of male passengers opening emergency exits to disembark the plane faster or to simply gfet some fresh air have also taken place.

The latest incident took place on an Air China flight from Chongqing to Hong Kong, a passenger reported problems began when a baby began crying during the flight. As the baby was comforted by its mother, two women sitting in a row forward of the mother and child asked the mother to stop the baby crying.

From there the incident seems to have escalated quickly with the mother of the baby reported by passengers to have thrown a punch towards one of the other women after the two women reclined their seats fully. A brawl then broke out between the three women, with one seen in pictures striking her head on overhead lockers as cabin crew and other passengers rushed to break up the fight.

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