VIDEO: You Have To See What This Couple Looks Like After They Get Their First Haircut Since 1985

Hair experts feel that it’s a good idea to change your hairstyle every two years. Experts also recommend that you should get a haircut every six weeks or so. Most normal people keep up with their hair and appearance. However, there is one couple that totally defies that logic.

Tim and Wendy were known as the “Rock-n-roll” couple. In 2002, Tim and Wendy hadn’t cut their hair in years. In fact, Wendy admitted that the last time she got a trim was in 1992. Tim was no better, his hair almost touched his belly button.

The “Rock-n-roll” couple was loved by their friends and family, but everyone agreed that it was time for a makeover. However, his friends were worried that Tim and Wendy were too stuck in the1980s to get modern haircuts.

When a haircut was mentioned to the “Rock-n-roll” couple, Tim and Wendy actually agreed to it. The couple felt that their long hair made them look far older than they actually were. However, Tim and Wendy did not receive ordinary harcuts.

Television talk show host Oprah Winfrey decided to have the “Rock-n-roll” couple on her show. Tim and Wendy were great guests, and they revealed that their long hair was actually holding them back in life. Tim’s close friend revealed that it was time for him to quit his metal band and get rid of the hair.

With the help of Oprah, Tim and Wendy finally got rid of their embarrassingly long and dated hairstyle. The couple’s transformation was shocking, and their own friends didn’t even recognize them. Tim and Wendy were very happy with the results of their new appearances.

The “Rock-n-roll” couple did everything together, but sadly, Tim passed away in 2008. He was buried in the same suit that he wore on the Oprah show. Tim may be gone, but he will always be remembered for being one half of the famous “Rock-n-roll” couple.

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