VIDEO: White House Just Did THIS To Fox News And Now Republicans Are Whining Like Babies. GOOD!

Before President Obama’s state of the union address that took place this Tuesday on January 20th at 9:00 PM eastern time, the White House had invited news anchors from major news outlets across the country to join them for an off the record discussion and lunch.

Anchors from TV stations such as CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and Fox all sent representatives to the event. The president and several top administration officials were present at the event.

Fox News reporter Shepherd Smith pointed out that the White House had done something odd with the seating placement cards that were designated for the Fox News representatives. He pointed out the following day on his show called Shepherd Smith Reporting that the word news was absent from his seating placement cards. His seating placement card had his name, and Fox but was missing the word news.

His colleague and fellow Fox News reporter Bret Baier’s placement card was also missing the word news after Fox. Fox News reporter Shepherd Smith went on to say that all the other anchors had their name, and the station that they were representing and the word news after the station name.

He related that fellow news anchor David Muir, had his name David Muir followed by ABC News. Every anchor had the station followed by news except the two Fox representatives. The video where Shepherd Smith reports on this can be viewed here on YouTube.

Fox News has been critical of President Obama and his administration, particularity with his weak stance on terrorism threats such as ISIS in the Middle East. It seems that the White House has snubbed Fox News by omitting the word news from the representative’s placement cards.

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