VIDEO: When This 90 Year Old Twin Died, No One EVER Thought This Would Happen Moments Later. OMG

When one twin dies, this can be very hard on a family. When two die on the same day, this is a bitter, beautiful, and emotional thing. Martha Dixon and Mary Dickson we’re inseparable.

They were ninety year old twins born September 26, 1924 in Bear Springs Tennessee. The twins were so close that they even married brothers. Their husbands both preceded them in death. The thought of a twin losing the other can be debilitating.

The two lived in the same residence at the time of their deaths. Mary died as the Christmas song “Santa Baby” played. Her daughter states that weeks before this happened she kept asking if Santa would bring her a man.

She received much more than a man. They were average siblings that loved one another and sometimes agreed to disagree. Within two hours, both twins were dead. To be exact, the twins died two hours and fifteen minutes apart.

Could this have been the Christmas miracle that most twins would want to have? The family sure thinks so. This is a heart filled holiday true story that touches the hearts of people. Mary’s granddaughter Amy Deconcni tells Fox2 News to please share their story.

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