VIDEO: When They Rescued This Cow, Everyone Was Amazed By How He Paid Them Back

When people think of friendly animals, they generally think of dogs. After all, dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend,” and there have been many stories about them saving people’s lives and selflessly risking their own in the process. Overall, dogs are generally great companions and clearly capable of giving and receiving love. Though other animals have been seen to show affection as well, it doesn’t typically quite measure up to what is seen from dogs.

However, this young cow, named Salvador, is an exception. He had a rough start in life, but that does not stop him from being friendly and loving towards those who behave the same way with him.

After he was born, he was separated from his mother and kept in terrible conditions. He was rescued from this farm in Chile by the Equality Sanctuary Interspecies. Six months after he had been experiencing unacceptable living conditions, he is with his rescuers, who have become friends. He is extremely happy and loves giving and receiving affection from these human beings.

Once he was moved to his new home, he started gaining weight, and his health was noticeably improving overall. Even though he had not had a good beginning, he had not been traumatized to the extent that it would stop him from enjoying the rest of his life. This happy cow is clearly at home now, and there is a great deal of love there. Even with a harsh beginning, he will have a happy ending.

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