VIDEO: When No One Believed Me With What I Said My Dog Did. I Made This Film To Shut Them Up!

Dogs are known for waking up their owners in the morning. Many pups are eager to start their day and want to wake up everyone. Others wake up their owners because they are ready to eat or want to go outside for a walk. Even though most people do not like being woken up out of their precious sleep, they cannot help but smile when they see their pup’s face.

Lexi the dog, which is a Samoyed, has a very affordable way of waking up her owner and letting him know that she wants to go for a walk. She watches over him while he sleeps and then she decides to wake him up. She does not wake him up by licking him or barking.

She wakes him up by using gentle movements with her paws. She even puts her paw on his mouth. Many dog owners would prefer to have their dogs wake them up this way instead of licking on them or hearing very loud barking in the morning.

The video of Lexi waking up her owner has been placed on YouTube and been viewed over 46,000 times. It has also received over 333,000 likes on Facebook.

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