VIDEO: When Newlyweds Take To The Dance Floor They Do THIS. And Everyone Is Left In Awe

Nowadays, it seems like every couple is trying to give their guests something to remember when it comes to the first dance at their wedding reception. However, it’s going to be near impossible for future brides and grooms to top this couple’s amazing reception dance.

Inspired by the hit Kevin Bacon movie Flashdance, one couple stunned their guests with an updated version of the classic dance number, set to the film’s title track. The video, which is being shared like crazy on social media, shows the groom starting off solo with the bride eventually joining in.

Their choreography is absolutely flawless and you can hear all of their guests going wild. Towards the end of the routine, the bride and groom motion for their friends to join them on the dance floor. The couple and their guests finish off the song with gusto.

Every couple wants to have that magical wedding dance that goes viral. However, after watching this couple cut loose, the stakes are higher than ever. They definitely serve as an inspiration to any couple that really wants to take their wedding reception to the next level. While it’s not known if Kevin Bacon has seen the video, it’s safe to assume that he would definitely approve.

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