VIDEO: When His Three Buddies Were Having Fun, Their Human Brother Had To Join In. ADORABLE!

As many people know, young children are very easily entertained. This fact in itself can actually be quite entertaining to the adults who are watching these children have so much fun with so little. This toddler, Jax, who is 20 months old, is an example of how this can be the case. He giggles with delight at a new game he has discovered with his three large boxer dogs.

He is holding a laser pointer, and as he turns it on and shines the little red light on the ground, the dogs all try to pounce on it. This makes the child laugh hysterically, and it brings a smile to anyone watching the adorable video. The boxers do not understand what is going on, and neither does the child. All that he knows is that they are having a reaction to the light, and he reacts to that in his own innocent way.

According to Jax’s mom, Jennifer, “His giggles are infectious and guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.” Jax is definitely an example of how a young child can have so much fun just by observing something very simple.

Children his age have not habituated to everything that there is in the world, and so they can find so much joy in something that adults would barely even notice. Maybe adults could stand to learn a thing or two from young children such as Jax, and then they could find the same joy in the little things.

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