VIDEO: When He Passed This Stray Dog During This Race. He Never Expected THIS To Happen. WOW!

Most people have heard about how wonderful and loyal certain animals can be, and many of these stories are about dogs. However, it is still heartwarming to hear a story about a particular animal that showed its love and loyalty for someone who was good to the animal.

Team Peak Performance, a team of Swedish athletes who were starting out on an endurance race through Ecuador that was to last for 430 miles, found this out for themselves. When they embarked upon the race, they knew that they were about to deal with horrible natural conditions, major obstacles, and all sorts of situations that were going to test their physical and emotional strength. They did not expect, however, that they would meet a friend who would change the way they looked at the world.

When they were about halfway through the race, they came into contact with a stray dog. Mikael Lindnord, a member of the team, noticed the hungry dog right before they were to start the first trek of that part of the race. He gave the dog a meatball.

Though he thought that that would satisfy the dog and they would not see him again, the dog surprisingly started following the team. He ended up staying with them throughout the entire 430 miles, through all of the obstacles that they faced. He never left their side and became a true friend who was there, showing just how wonderful and loyal dogs can truly be to human beings.

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