VIDEO: When Dish Network Banned Fox News, We Cheered! See What Giant Lie Fox Is Trying To Spread

Fox News and Dish Network have not been able to come up with an agreement on how to carry the network. They simply cannot agree on a pricing model that would work for both sides. Considering this, Dish has made the decision for the time being to drop Fox News from their list of channels that they provide.

This was a business decision that was made between the Dish company and Fox. However, Fox News is not too happy with how things have worked out in this case and seem to be trying to apply pressure on Dish. They are doing so by having their big name hosts (Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly) claim that Fox is being censored by Dish.

Their argument is that Fox News has been the number one most watched news channel for the last thirteen years (this is true). They say that Dish is now censoring what people are able to see. This claim however is a bit far-fetched. Dish has carried the network in the past but has simply not been able to agree to the terms that Fox has demanded of them. The Fox News station is starting to lose some of its audience at this point after all, and Dish does not want to take on the risk of paying too much money for a network that may be faltering among some age groups.

Do not expect this dispute to be ended pretty soon. Fox and Dish will still be at it for a while.

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