VIDEO: When Asked, ‘Who Made #2 In The House?’ I Never Expected THIS Response From Them

If you have ever seen sibling rivalry in children, you know that kids will do anything to get out of trouble, including tattling on their siblings. Surprisingly, the same is actually true in the animal world.

People have commented on how dogs can often be a lot like humans. They clearly have feelings, and they can form attachments as well. Hilariously, they can tattle on one another just as children do from time to time.

In this video, you can see a dog tattle on her sister. Judy is an Australian Terrier, and she is the dog on the right in this video. Her sister Sunny is on the left. When these two girls are asked who pooped in the kitchen, Judy actually towards her sister, in order to make it very clear that she is not the one who pooped in the kitchen. She actually lifts up her paw and puts it on Sunny’s back, to let the owner know that Sunny is the guilty party here.

This is hilarious to watch, because it shows just how much like humans dogs can be in certain situations. It is very possible that Judy had gotten into trouble for pooping in the kitchen, or elsewhere in the house, in the past, and she wanted to make it very clear that this time, she had done nothing wrong. She did not seem very averse to shifting blame on to her sister, just as is seen in a lot of children these days.

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