VIDEO: When An Elephant Collapses, His Family Does Something That Left Me In Tears

African elephants are social and emotional creatures with complex behaviors that scientists are constantly studying. Scientists believe that elephants have higher family values than most other animals.

A video taken recently captures the way elephants stick together when one is in need. When a baby elephant collapses in the middle of a busy road the entire herd comes together to help the calf get back on his feet. There could be several reasons the calf was stuck laying in the road, which could include exhaustion.

A few elephants from the herd came to the rescue and started to nudge the baby elephant on his feet, and there were other members from the herd that used their trunks to hoist up the elephant calf. After a few minutes, the calf is able to get up and decides to follow the rest of the herd.

If the baby elephant did not receive help from fellow members of the herd, it is questionable whether or not the calf would have been able to make it to his feet. The video shows how a herd of elephants are able to join together and watch out for their own. If the elephant was left helpless on the road, then the outcome may not have been as happy.

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