VIDEO: What He Is Able To Do With An Ordinary iPad Left Me Wide Eyed For Hours! WOW!!!

Simon Pierro works with iPads, and he uses them as his medium for his magic. This may seem odd, but he is able to perform amazing illusions using iPads. He has always been interested in magic, but he was pushed to actually try it himself after a particular incident. Having grown up in Germany, he moved to New York when he was young. He only had one 20 dollar bill, and a street magician tricked him out of it. This lead him to develop his own clever magic tricks.

Simon earned a degree in business administration and engineering. This may not seem to fit what he does now, but his knowledge from his degree helps him when he entertains at corporate events, as well as when he uses technology in his act. He is “the world’s foremost iPad magician” and the first one who has actually put together apps that have to do with his illusions.

He even integrates his technical illusions with physical objects, and on The Ellen Show, he wowed everyone by shooting an Angry Bird out of an iPad. This amazing trick left everyone in all, including the developer of Angry Birds, who dubbed Simon “the official magician of Angry Birds.”

Simon has won multiple awards, including being named Magician of the Year by the Magic Circle of Germany in 2002 and the German champion in the World Championships of Magic soon after. He has also appeared on many well known TV shows, including The Ellen Show.

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