VIDEO: What Happens When This Girl Tries To Pet A Wild Ape Has Me At A Loss For Words

A father and daughter looked for several hours on a river looking for gorillas that they had known a few years earlier. They had raised these gorillas in captivity and then released them into the wild years ago.

They finally found them, after the gorillas responded to the father’s calls. He admits that he was nervous to reunite with them, as he was not sure how they would react.

They reacted with love when they were reunited with these people. The father says that he feels that being held by the gorillas and them wanting to be held constitutes one of the great experiences of life.

Apparently the gorillas are very happy and healthy, which the father was happy to see.

They had not seen his daughter in 12 years, and they were clearly happy to see her and recognized her as well. They had both thought that it was possible that they may not remember her, but they showed her an outpouring of love as well. They were, according to both father and daughter, very sweet and gentle.

When it was time to go, it was clear that the gorillas did not want them to leave. The love that these animals had for these people was obvious, and it is clear that they have a large capacity for love. The father describes it as a privilege to experience that bond with them, and it appears that he is absolutely right. It seems like it would be a rewarding experience.

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