VIDEO: What Happens When He Mixes Coffee And Condensed Milk? This Is Making My Belly Rumble

Making coffee ice cream in simple fashion is the subject of a You Tube video made by an individual from Australia who calls himself the One Pot Chef.

Using instant coffee, the chef puts three tablespoons in a cup, though he says that the amount of tablespoons is up to the person making it, depending on how strong they want to make it.

After then adding a couple of tablespoons of water to dissolve the coffee, the mix is then stirred to make sure no granules remain. That mix is then added to a half cup of condensed milk and then mixed together.

600 ml of whipping cream is then poured into a large mixing bowl, which is then followed by the newly mixed coffee combination from above being added to it. The combination is then be mixed until the cream is very thick, with the chef using an electric mixer.

The resulting mix is then transferred into a freezer-safe container. After closing it with a lid, it should be in the freezer for two to three hours.

The newly-made coffee ice cream is then shown after emerging from the freezer, with the chef then sampling it. He notes that the strong coffee flavor is both rich and creamy, but not too sweet like many ice creams can be, with the condensed milk balancing out what might ordinarily be a much stronger coffee taste.

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