VIDEO: This Toddler Was Given An Egg For Baking. What He Says Next? OMG! I Want To Squeeze Him!

A short video that shows a couple making chocolate chip cookies with their young daughter has received more than two million views on YouTube in just a few days after being posted on March 4.

Tony Quarella and his wife decided to have their 16-month old daughter assist in the project, with the father explaining that they fully expected to have to clean up a messy area around her after it was done.

The video, shot on an iPhone, begins with the toddler, adorned in a chef’s hat, attempting to open up the egg carton by first lifting it up and making a straining noise. Quarella then instructs his wife to give the child an egg. That causes his incredulous wife to ask if he was serious.

The toddler then takes the egg and cracks it on the edge of the kitchen counter before being instructed to put it in the small bowl in front of her that’s filled with chocolate chips. The child complies, and is able to get the entire yolk and egg white in it, resulting in surprised comments by both parents.

There have been more than 450 comments connected to the video, with many commenting on the idyllic family atmosphere it evokes. There are also plenty of comments that offer ridicule and other criticisms at the parents, a common occurrence in this anonymous realm where no actual names are used.

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