VIDEO: This New Hair Trend Is Sweeping The Country. Here’s How You Can Do It Yourself…

If you are someone who is bored with their hairstyle, then you will be happy to know there is a new trend you may love. The inspiration behind this new trend comes from a peacock.

In fact, it is referred to as peacock-colored hair. This trend involves placing green, purple and blue tones in the hair. It is a trend that you can easily pull off without worrying about destroying your hair. Regardless of whether you want highlights or color your whole hair, this hairstyle will be great for the new year.

You achieve this look by carefully placing gray, blue, green and purple colors in your hair. Peacock hair looks great on any hair color. It does not matter whether your hair is black, brunette or icy blond. The color also works well with any hairstyle. You can pull this look off with braids, curls, straight hair or a pixie cut.

This new trend is taking salons by storm. In fact, many people are choosing these colors over traditional hair colors, such as gemstone opal, red or grandma-colored gray. Men are also pulling off this hairstyle. There have been many pictures posted online of people sporting their peacock-colored hairstyle.

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