VIDEO: This Mom Was Confused When She Opened The Front Door To See What Her Child Brought Inside

There is something special about a kid and their pet sharing a moment together where it is evident that there is so much love between them both. However, this is especially true for this YouTube video that has gone viral featuring a little girl and her pet cow.

The video takes about six minutes of total time and is being shot by the little girl’s mother. It starts out with the mother asking how the cow got into the house and the little girl trying to explain herself while completely fabricating the story of the cow and how she came about to be inside her house.

Apparently, while the little girl’s mom was away in another area of the home, the five year old little girl took it upon herself to let her pet cow in from the cold. Because of her oversized nature, she has caused a little bit of a mess by knocking things over, but just like any good pet she has settled onto a rug next to the family dog.

Throughout the video are special displays of affection initiated by the girl and completely tolerated by the cow, including hugs and petting her on the head. But the most special one of the entire video is when the little girl sits down and the cows head rests in the little girls lap. It is at this moment, when the mom and little girl are deciding maybe they should stop eating meat. Of course this is one of those great feel good stories of man and animal made even more special by this five year old little girl and her very special cow.

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