VIDEO: This Might Be The Most Adorable Video I’ve Seen All Year

Baby Louie is a typical baby. He likes to try new foods, explore new things, giggle and poop himself. However, there is one thing about Baby Louie that makes him different from a lot of other toddlers. He is the pug puppy baby whisperer…

There is a video online of Baby Louie playing with a couple of pug puppies. The video is only 30 seconds long, but it is well worth the wait. In the video, the puppies are playing with Louie, licking him and and jumping all over him.

The video has been posted to YouTube and has received over 733,000 views. It has also been shared on different social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Louie has his 0wn Youtube channel already. He’s posted several other videos of himself having fun with his pug friends. The name of the YouTube channel is pugsnkisses84, check it out.

The videos of the baby playing with the pug puppies have brightened up many people’s day. Watch it here and maybe it will brighten yours. Maybe not though – I don’t know you.

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