VIDEO: This Is Like No Other Dominos Setup I Have Ever Seen. The Entire Time I Was In Awe!!

It has to be one of the more impressive dominoes set ups ever, all for a video by the performers A-Trak and Tommy Trash. Set to the music of their song “Tuna Melt,” the video starts off with the usual curving rows of dominoes being knocked over, but it is not long before this demonstration takes a unique twist.

The performers use pool cues and balls to set off another chain of dominoes, with one rappelling down a string to knock over another row. Next the dominoes go upstairs, up to a cabinet and along a kitchen table where the dominoes are replaced by slices of toast.

From there, its rows of VHS tapes and colorful tongue depressors that get knocked over before more rows of dominoes fall. The demonstration gets more interesting when the dominoes move up another flight of stairs. A tall tower of plastic cups gets knocked over, sending a hat on a string to knock over another tower of cups.

Photographs, chairs, fans, pillow feathers, a bathtub and a toy submarine are all part of the chain. It leads to a paper airplane knocking over some small parachutes, which fall to the first floor and set off another row of dominoes, an explosion of balls and the collapse of three towers of plastic cups.

The demonstration ends at a plate containing a tuna melt sandwich. That brings us to the big question. Who cleaned up this mess?

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