VIDEO: This Family Is The Rarest In The World For THIS One Reason. WOW! This Is Baffling!

British twin sisters Lucy and Maria Aylmer recently made news headlines because of their unique genetic traits. Now four sisters, two sets of twins, may have one-upped the Aylmer sisters.

The older pair of sisters, Hayleigh and Lauren, are not identical twins. While it is clear to see the resemblance in their striking physical traits, one marker remains the most shocking: Lauren, like her mother, is fair-skinned with blue eyes and red hair. Hayleigh, on the other hand, has her father’s Afrocentric features. She has dark hair, dark eyes, and is darker complected than her twin.

When Allisan and Dean Durrant learned that they were expecting another set of twin girls, the couple lovingly joked about hitting the genetic jackpot a second time. The couple were a bit shocked when twins Mia and Leah were born. Like their older twin sisters, Mia and Leah were born opposite. One of the girls took after their mother’s Caucasian heritage while the other favored their favor.

The Durrant family has received a great deal of attention surrounding the one-in-a-million genetic lottery results, both positive and negative. Neither the girls nor their parents seem to care what others think and are instead choosing to bask in their love for one another.

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