VIDEO: This Dogs Walks Into The Hospital All By Itself, But What He Does Next Is Astonishing!

Almost everyone knows that dogs can be very special. However, therapy dogs take it to a whole new level. They help people who are ailing feel better, sometimes by lifting their spirits. It has been shown that being happier can play a vital role in recovery, so these dogs actually help people achieve better health in some ways.

Nala is one such therapy dog. She has no formal training, but that does not stop this teacup poodle from making a difference in the lives of people in the care center where her owner, Doug, works. One day, he decided to take Nala to work with him, and it turned out that she had an absolutely amazing effect on the residents there. There are many elderly people here who are very ill, and Nala is wonderful for them.

She loves spending time with them and lifting their spirits, and they are grateful for the sweet spirit of this little black dog. She is very intelligent as well, and she knows just how to help people. In fact, she knows when someone has died as well, as evidenced by the fact that she sat by the bedside of a deceased resident for a prolonged period of time.

Nala is just one of many therapy dogs out there, and these dogs are truly a blessing. They really have a healing touch, as evidenced by the wonderful effect that they have on people in hospitals, care centers, and other similar places with ailing individuals.

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