VIDEO: This Dad’s Emotional Performance Leaves Even The Toughest Judges In Tears

When you think of the X Factor you don’t usually think of father’s belting out emotional tunes, but when you watch Jeff Gutt’s turn on the top television show you will wonder why more don’t give it a try.

Gutt managed to impress all four judges when he started to give his own rendition of ‘Hallelujah,’ the Leonard Cohen classic. Even Simon Cowell seemed emotionally moved by Gutt’s chilling version of the song, and it is not easy to get Simon to care about anything or anyone on the show. In fact, some of the judges were even in tears after the performance.

This doting dad and his amazing performance won him a yes vote from all four of the judges which include Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, and Britney Spears.

Cowell even went as far as to say that it was one of the best auditions he has seen since the X Factor got started. The compliment got Gutt crying as well and the other judges helped keep the emotion by heaping on the praise with their own kind words. Sweetening the moment even more is the fact that his son ran out on the stage to hug Gutt making it a performance worth watching.

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