VIDEO: This Cat Has A Strange Birth Defect. But What He Can Do With It? Awesome! LOL!

Pee Wee looks different than your average cat because he has a disability and was born with six toes. It gives him the appearance of having mitten paws. His owner calls them super thumbs. However, Pee Wee’s disability is not the thing that makes him different from other cats. He can perform some very impressive tricks. He does things that many things people have not seen any other cat do. Pee Wee’s owner has trained him to follow commands.

There is a video online that shows Pee Wee following the commands of his owner. When his owner tells him to speak, he meows. Pee also gets into a chair when his owner tells him to sit.

Additionally, Pee Wee can catch treats using his two front paws. It appears as though having six toes really gives him an advantage. Many people do not even notice Pee Wee’s disability until he starts performing his tricks.

The video of Pee Wee following the commands of his owner has gone viral. It has also been shared over 1,500 times on Facebook. Additionally, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube. Pee Wee was a stray cat until he was rescued by his owner.

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