VIDEO: This Baby’s Laugh Is Like Nothing I’ve Ever Heard. This Made My Wife Go Crazy!

One of the reasons people love babies so much is that they are so easily entertained. Because their brains haven’t yet developed much, it doesn’t take much to stimulate them and evoke emotions from them. They find simple objects and actions to be amazing, while we simply take them for granted. In a way, we could actually learn quite a bit from them.

The baby in this video is one such baby. His parents decided to bring him to Target due to the fact that most of these stores in Canada are shutting down soon. The short video that was captured of this child is truly entertaining.

He is so incredibly entertained by the simple process of his parent handing him a toy plastic basketball and him throwing it on the ground multiple times. This video was shot in a Target store, so there is no shortage of fun items for this little boy to play with.

However, he seems to really love this basketball and the ability to throw it on the ground. He laughs so hard every time he does this, and it will warm any viewer’s heart to see just how much fun this innocent little child is having with so little. This baby’s laugh is absolutely adorable, and he is clearly having the time of his life with a simple object at Target.

Even though there are tons of videos like this online, this one is particularly entertaining and will be enjoyed by many people online.

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